Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Larry’s Apology - June Perkins

June Perkins wrote this in response to the cyclone in her area and all the amazing things that have been happening since. She as been studying other religions to teach the local school children attending Baha'i Special Religious Education BSRE classes in Tully. It brings all of that together.

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For the people of Johnstone and Cardwell Shire

Buddha’s footprints made their way
All the way to a gift shopWhere sat a lady and all the fragrances
Of Mother’s dayShe said “I don’t have a book on India.”Krishna’s pictures adorned the house that blew awayWhen Shiva came dressed as Larry
And Vishnu came like a thief in the night
On the back of a General called Cosgrove.On the hill where all the trees fell down,
And the cat bird was scared out of the forest
The mosaics of Christ found themselvesA tapestry of fish and loaves only They were generators and bread and milk.Helicopters foretold the coming of the cargoAnd the Messengers of recovery
And later the children came running For their teddy bears and sunglasses out at Mission beach.Old friends remembered connections
And the Silkwood found itself a silk heart
Woven from copper debris to golden pillars.

The march of Saints went on
And somewhere in Italy Someone waited for a relative
To walk through her door.Children in all their innocence couldn’t sleep When the rain came singing down the gutters
And the wind scraped its fingers along the sides of the houses.Houses marked with little quips like “Larry’s takeaway” Showed people heal with ironic laughter.

Sport languished for a while
As fields found themselves lakes.Butterflies flew in threes
And cassowaries knocked on doors
While artists gathered in the progress hall
And brewed a stone soup–
All peoples welcome here.
© June Perkins 2006


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